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VapitalyPRO, view the photos of the first edition.

VapitalyPRO, view the photos of the first edition.

December 14 2017

The first edition of VapitalyPRO, the first exclusively B2B event devoted to the vaping industry, ended a few weeks ago. On November 4 and 5, 1,684 professionals, met at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome and participated in two days of training. VapitalyPRO also attracted the attention of new national and international companies who decided, for the first time, to participate in a Vapitaly event.

High attendance at the seven VapitalyPRO workshops dealing with the most current industry topics, such as laws and regulations, customer management, e-commerce, communication and advertising. VapitalyPRO attendees actively participated in each meeting with questions, comments and suggestions, transforming thematic workshops into an open exchange of views.

Eighty-eight exhibitors from 15 countries, of which 13 new entries from China and Taiwan, 11 from the United States, France, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Romania and 9 Italian exhibitors who brought various novelties, both relating to commodities and products. Another successful event organized by Vapitaly, the international trade fair held in Verona since 2015, whose latest edition reached a record turnout of 24,000.

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