Vapitaly 2020 Virtual

13-14-15 June 2020

The first virtual event dedicated to the world of Vaping in Europe

In a historical moment that changed the world because of the current epidemic scenario, the 2020 edition of Vapitaly is transformed.

Three-day event entirely dedicated to the Vaping world in which companies, operators and Vaping aficionados have found a new way to meet up without leaving the house: new market developments, new products, experts and trends will all be just a click away during this innovative, global encounter.

Visiting the event, contacting manufacturers and engaging in discussions with vaping aficionados has never been easier, thanks to an interactive platform of Vapitaly 2020 Virtual that becomes a showcase for the best the industry has to offer.

Now more than ever it is necessary to think creatively and restart together!

The Vaping sector reuniting and meeting, as always, at Vapitaly!