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Welcome back. It’s time to meet in Rome

Welcome back. It’s time to meet in Rome

July 08 2021

The vaping industry and vaping aficionados are ready to meet again, to discover and renew their trust in Vapitaly that, since 2015, has become an international reference point for the market. This is the real engine of the 2021 edition of Vapitaly.

While awaiting for the coolest vaping event of the year, which will be held at the Fiera Roma Exhibition centre in Rome (Italy) on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3, October, the communication campaign announcing "Welcome Back" loud and clear has been presented. It is time to meet again for an industry that has never stopped operating, that has reacted in a dynamic and tangible way to the current market scenario and that today wants to be “present”.

Vapitaly answers to this need and offers opportunities to physically meet in one of the most accredited exhibition centers in Europe. The Fiera Roma Exhibition Centre is equipped with modern and functional structures, is located in a strategic position and served by a network of connections that makes it easily accessible. The Exhibition center provides multifunctional spaces that will allow Vapitaly to combine B2B opportunities and B2C experiences.

Getting together as a sector is a real need for the world of vaping, and Vapitaly is ready to give a tangible answer to this need.

In fact, as emerged from the latest survey carried out by Vapitaly, to which 62.2% of consumers, 29% of shopkeepers and 8.8% of producers responded, the sector is eagerly awaiting the possibility of physically meeting again. 

86.1% are ready to participate in Vapitaly 2021 even in the event of limited admissions and specific limitations on tastings, 46.9% are ready to visit the exhibition areas for the whole day and 31.8 % for at least half a day. The survey shows that operators and consumers love to participate in Vapitaly above all to "learn about market news", to "meet producers and shopkeepers" and because it is an important "moment of meeting and sharing".