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Vapitaly Rome rescheduled

Vapitaly Rome rescheduled

September 09 2021

The Rome edition of the event has been rescheduled and the May edition to be held in Verona has been confirmed.

Despite the safety measures established by AEFI - Associazione Esposizioni Fiere Italiane (i.e.the Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association), by the Fiera Roma exhibition center and by the Organizer, Vapitaly, fears related to the Covid pandemic have become more evident in the vaping sector. For this reason, the Organizer announces that it does not deem it appropriate to confirm the dates of Vapitaly 2021.

"At the expiry of the deadline for exhibitor registration, we unfortunately had to note that, of the approximately 80 companies that had expressed an interest in participating in the fair, only 20 companies actually confirmed their presence. Given the small number of registered exhibitors, we realized that we could not offer participating exhibitors and visitors the high-quality event they are used to take part in", explains Mosè Giacomello, President of Vapitaly "and, with great regret, we had to take this difficult decision".

For this reason, the Vapitaly Organizer has decided to reschedule an event which would have marked, even symbolically, the restart of the industry after two years of great difficulty, and which would have allowed companies and industry professionals to meet in person and discuss all the legislative and market innovations that have emerged in these two years. An event, moreover, eagerly awaited also by many end consumers and vape shop owners, as demonstrated by the requests for entrance tickets, constantly growing since the Vapitaly Registration Portal went online last week.

"I do not hide my bitterness, and that of the whole Vapitaly Team, in having to make this choice", continues Mosè Giacomello, "especially after the great organizational effort of these months in the aim of offering a high-level event in times that are now to be considered the “new normal”: indeed, we had also provided for the possibility of safely testing vaping products in an area located outside the exhibition pavilion".

Nonetheless, Vapitaly will persevere in its commitment to continue organizing a top-level event for the Italian and international vaping sector, offering to vaping companies high organizational standards and business opportunities, and to operators and visitors training, valuable contents and entertainment related to the world of vaping.

On this occasion, the Organizer wishes to thank in particular the companies that, also for Vapitaly 2021, have expressed  their trust by confirming their presence: Automatika, BandZ, Diplomatic, Easy Vape, Elda, Fashion Vape Eliquid, Fresh Farms E -liquid, Fuu, K Flavor Company, Kiwi Vapor, Mi-Pod, Pro Vape, Pulp-Sunny Smoker, Ribilio, Smooke France, Suprem-e, Svapo Quadrato, Valkiria, Vaping in Paris, VEEV; media partners: Sigmagazine, e-Cig Magazine, Vapouround; and finally Liaf – Lega italiana anti-fumo, always available to support scientific information for the sector.