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Vapitaly 2022. From Verona, a new start for an entire sector

Vapitaly 2022. From Verona, a new start for an entire sector

May 16 2022

All systems go for a new start for an entire sector. This afternoon saw the close in Verona of the 2022 edition of Vapitaly, the International Vaping Exhibition, a sort of “year zero” after the pandemic. The benchmark event for operators and aficionados was back face-to face at Veronafiere, from 14 to 16 May. After the “digital” events, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers and vape lovers were able to meet up again live, and to restart the engine that drives a growing sector, which in Italy has a million consumers, directly employs 15,000 people and indirectly employs a further 45,000, and boasts a turnover of around €470 million.

Over 100 companies attended the event, where 200 brands were represented, from both Italy and abroad. 37% of exhibitors came from 14 countries worldwide. Thousands of visitors entered the 8,000-square-metre exhibition space, in search of new products and the very latest trends in the sector. A total of 7,143 visits were recorded over the three days. 

“We are extremely satisfied to have brought companies and operators back face-to-face”, says Vapitaly president Mosè Giacomello. “After two years without live events, the sector needed to start back up again; being able to meet up during the exhibitions has a whole different value and impact, in terms of both personal and business relations. We’re proud to have driven this new start, and of the fact that Vapitaly has retained its role as the annual benchmark event for the entire sector. It’s a responsibility we’ve taken on, and this is why in the next few days we’ll be getting down to work on the Pro edition, which will be the launch pad for the next Vapitaly. We hope that the 2023 Vaping Exhibition will be the biggest and best ever”.

This 6th edition of Vapitaly saw the participation of experts and guests of major appeal and importance for the sector, from Federico Palmaroli, better known as Osho, to the rapper Mondo Marcio, as well as the Europarliamentarian Pietro Fiocchi, the editor of Sigmagazine Stefano Caliciuri, the cardiologist Konstantinos Farsalinos, the director of the World Vapers’ Alliance Michael Landl and the founder of Global EVapor Consulting Dimitris Agrafiotis. On the stage at the centre of the exhibition, national taxation, European directives, flavours and legal aspects related to vaping were discussed. A packed programme of information and analysis events took place both morning and afternoon. 

In just a few years, Vapitaly has earned a reputation as the most important Italian trade fair in the sector, and one of the largest worldwide. Today, the last day of the event, entry was reserved for operators.