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Vapitaly 2023: an edition focused on business and participation from abroad. First time at Vapitaly for the asian leaders in the sector

Vapitaly 2023: an edition focused on business and participation from abroad. First time at Vapitaly for the asian leaders in the sector

June 07 2023

A growing market, and an increasingly international, business-focused event. The 2023 edition of Vapitaly, the only international trade fair in Italy dedicated to vaping, has just come to a close in Verona after three days, from 27 to 29 May, during which thousands of operators, visitors and enthusiasts from the sector came through the doors of the Veronafiere exhibition centre. The event was attended by a total of 10,219 people: mature, well-informed visitors, who paid close attention to product quality and safety, as well as new developments on the market and the very latest trends in the segment. 

INTERNATIONALISATION. Foreign exhibitors accounted for 40% of the total, and for the first time, the fair was also attended by the Asian leaders in the sector, thanks to the partnership Vapitaly has established with the largest vaping exhibition in Asia, IECIE, which chose Verona as the only European leg on its world tour.  

Over 10,000 people were able to take part in the event remotely, thanks to the social room, a major new feature of the 2023 edition designed to open the event up to the rest of the world. More than 500 stories and twenty or so live connections recorded 300,000 impressions during the weekend alone. Among the cities where more visitors logged on were Rome and Milan, as well as Shanghai. 

A total of 148 exhibitors were in attendance (up more than 30% on last year), with more than 250 brands. Touring the stands were mostly specialised retailers and tobacconists visiting Verona to find out more about trends in the sector and make business deals.

“Mission accomplished: Vapitaly is an increasingly international, business-focused event”, said Mosè Giacomello, President of Vapitaly. “The market is growing, as is demonstrated by the presence of specialised operators and exhibitors from abroad. We witnessed high visitor numbers among retailers, aficionados and stakeholders in the sector, and a large number of business encounters, especially on Sunday and Monday. Every year, Vapitaly consolidates its reputation as the benchmark event on the calendar for the entire sector. We are now ready to double these figures with the B2B event we’ll be organising in Rome on 4 and 5 November”.

Vapitaly was the first Italian trade fair dedicated to the vaping sector, and in the space of less than a decade has become the most important in Italy, as well as one of the largest at international level. Today, for the final day, entry was reserved for operators.