Vapitaly news



November 22 2018

Eurispes is currently researching the industry and the event has consolidated the results of the first edition.

The second edition of VapitalyPRO ended on Monday, November 19 at the Fiera di Roma. The event, wholly dedicated to the B2B vaping industry , had a turnout of over 2,000 visitors (+24.6% compared to the first edition in 2017) including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and industry professionals . A format designed for p rofessionals that is popular and works because it allows brands to meet industry professionals directly.
As was the case in 2017, the year of the first edition of VapitalyPRO , a great number of foreign exhibitors (from 12 countries around the world) part icipated, attesting to the fact that VapitalyPRO is th e industry’s ideal B2B event. Thus it is an international window that can also focus attention on issues related to consumption, society, and health in terms of reducing smoke - related damage.
Vapitaly, the organizers of one of the most visited international vaping Exhibitions in Europe, in partnership with industry associations UniEcig - Unione Esercenti Italiani E - cig and COIV - Coalizione operatori italiani vaping, are launching an important research project with Eurispes, an Institute for Political, Economic and Social Studies. "Our collaboration with Eurispes is an important opportunity for the entire supply chain. - commented Mosè Giacomello, president of Vapitaly – At long last t he industry will be photographed thoroughly and reliably, with the objective of giving vaping an identity, even a numerical one, that will help us communicate and be communicated about in the right manner ".
And, as the industry has never stopped, both in terms of communication and in the promotion of business and events, there may be a turning point in the future of the field with regards to regulations. "I am pleased to see that, despite the current legislative situation, companies have once again chosen to make themselves known to the market at Vapitaly . We chose Fiera di Roma as our venue - continued Giacomello – in order to ensure our exhibitors had ample exhibition space and areas dedicated to business. I am pleased to say that I have found Fiera di Ro ma to be a strategic local partner, always helpful and reliable".

"We are honoured - commented the Sole Administrator and Managing Director of Fiera Roma Pietro Piccinetti - to have put our facilities at the disposal of an important international event, dedicated to a new industry, which is taking on a strong identity of its own. It is always a pleasure to be involved, even as guests, in a developing project, and we wish all the best for its continued success".

VapitalyPRO was also an opportunity to unveil the new 'We Show' communication campaign created for the 5th edition of Vapitaly scheduled for May 18 - 20, 2019. "Next year’s campaign is bold and wishes to capitalize on a fundamental aspect of the event. - concluded Mosè Giacomel lo - Vapitaly is increasingly highlighting the eclecticism of the industry through its players".