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Overview of what is happening to US vaping and possible impacts on Europe. With Dimitris Agrafiotis and Phil Busardo

Overview of what is happening to US vaping and possible impacts on Europe. With Dimitris Agrafiotis and Phil Busardo

October 17 2019

Two very special guests at VapitalyPRO, the trade fair dedicated to business and training for vaping operators (9 and 10 November - New Fiera di Roma Exhibition Center, Via Portuense 1645), will be the international experts from the world of vaping: Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (Vapingreek).


On Sunday 10 November, at 2:30 p.m., Phil and Dimitris will be on stage at VapitalyPRO to talk about the present and future of the vaping sector in the USA, and the possible impact of US policies on international markets.


Phil Busardo, a consultant, designer, reviewer and activist, is undoubtedly one of the best-known faces of vaping internationally: his social media presence, for example, has chalked up over 24 million views in recent years.  

Since 2011 (when the first review appeared on his YouTube channel @pbusardo), Busardo has earned a sound reputation for his authoritative comments and reviews in the vaping sphere (hardware and liquids/flavours), as well as on the pertinent scenarios and legislation. This visibility has recently led him to work with the top hardware manufacturers to develop products “from vapers for vapers”, and he has also decided, along with other colleagues, to take action to combat the increasingly frequent disinformation regarding recent events in the USA that have prompted episodes of fake news, even in Europe.


He is supported in these battles by Dimitris Agrafiotis, better known as Vapingreek. A long-established vaper, he works (accompanied by Busardo) with the top vaping product manufacturers. He is known internationally for his staunch support for the responsible regulation of e-cigarettes, as a means towards tobacco harm reduction. Dimitris Agrafiotis is also executive director of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association, presenter of Smoke Free Radio and owner of the website:, where he seeks to educate and inform the public regarding all kinds of vaping scenarios: from general information on products to scientific comments, as well as articles on legal and regulatory issues.


The encounter with Phil Busardo and Vapingreek will be followed by a workshop run by Utopia Legal, dedicated to legal aspects for operators in the vaping sector.