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A smoker comes into your store: at VapitalyPRO, useful advice to guide the customer towards harm reduction

A smoker comes into your store: at VapitalyPRO, useful advice to guide the customer towards harm reduction

October 18 2019

Training, business and networking are the core of VapitalyPRO, which will be taking place in the New Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre (EAST entrance - Via G. Eiffel) on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November. The event, exclusively dedicated to B2B vaping, brings a new slant to the format that is so popular with professionals from the e-cig world, and offers four free training workshops.

On each day, there will be two appointments with top speakers, lasting two hours and offering in-depth information, practical ideas, experiences and positive solutions for your business.


The first of the encounters, entitled “A smoker comes into your store”, will take place from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on Saturday 9 November. During the workshop, held in collaboration with LIAF (the Italian Anti-Smoking League), Professor Pasquale Caponnetto and Dr. Marilena Maglia (experts from CoEHAR, the Centre of Excellence for Tobacco Harm Reduction in Catania) will be explaining the advantages, elements of attraction and reasons that prompt smokers to give up cigarettes for vaping.


Retailers will be provided with clear, effective and scientifically valid information to efficiently deal with the symptoms, doubts and perplexities of smokers approaching the world of vaping.


If you’ve already registered for VapitalyPRO, but haven’t yet booked your place on the workshop, doing so is very easy: by opening your registration form, you’ll be able to indicate, at any time, which workshops you intend to take part in.


If you haven’t yet registered for VapitalyPRO, you can request your complimentary entry ticket by clicking here.


If you need any support with registration, contact Vapitaly staff at:


There are another three free training events reserved for you. They’ll be discussing effective communication and what cannot be communicated, and they’ll also provide regulatory, bureaucratic and fiscal updates, in collaboration with the editor of Sigmagazine Stefano Caliciuri, the communication professionals of Taglianigruppoadv and RD Com, and the experts from UNIEcig and Utopia Legal.


Entry to VapitalyPRO and to the training events is free and reserved for operators in the sector.