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How to advertise the sector online and offline without making mistakes? Best practices and new marketing tools

How to advertise the sector online and offline without making mistakes? Best practices and new marketing tools

October 21 2019

Professional success is founded on proper, effective communication, especially in the world of vaping. With this in mind, VapitalyPRO - set to take place in the New Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre (EAST Entrance - Via A. G. Eiffel) on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November – will be organising a free workshop designed to help participants improve their business communication.


VapitalyPRO is all about business, networking and above all training. During the two-day event, professionals in the sector will have the chance to choose from four free training workshops. For anyone managing one or more stores, an online shop or a distribution business, a wide range of knowledge and skills is required. And VapitalyPRO training is able to offer practical, winning answers.


On Saturday 9 November, from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., the focus of the training encounter will be “How to advertise the sector online and offline without making mistakes?”. The event will be held in collaboration with Sigmagazine, Taglianigruppoadv and Rdcom, and will illustrate the best practices and new marketing tools to promote stores.

From the VapitalyPRO stage, Stefano Caliciuri, editor of Sigmagazine, will be examining the most widespread communication practices, pointing out critical aspects and possible errors regarding both regulatory issues and the effectiveness of the message. What can and can’t you say? What’s the best way to get your message across?

He will be followed by Elisa Tagliani of the Taglianigruppoadv agency, and Petra Bianchetti the specialist of RDcom, who will be illustrating communication models for vaping operators, pointing out the most innovative and effective channels for attracting and maintaining customers.


If you’ve already registered for VapitalyPRO, but haven’t yet booked your place on the workshop, doing so is very easy: by opening your registration form, you’ll be able to indicate, at any time, which workshops you intend to take part in.


If you haven’t yet registered for VapitalyPRO, you can request your complimentary entry ticket by clicking here


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A further two training events are set to take place at VapitalyPRO on Sunday 10 November. Experts from UNIEcig and Utopia Legal will be offering updates on regulatory, bureaucratic and fiscal aspects for anyone managing vaping stores or businesses.