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Vape shops: everything you need to know

Vape shops: everything you need to know

October 22 2019

Managing a vaping store is a complex business, also from a bureaucratic point of view. To shed some light on this issue, VapitalyPRO - set to take place in the New Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre (EAST entrance - Via A. G. Eiffel) on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November - will be organising a free workshop packed with suggestions and practical indications to help participants navigate their way around bureaucracy and help them successfully manage their business.


VapitalyPRO is all about business, networking and above all training. During the two days of the fair, professionals will have the chance to choose from four free training workshops. For anyone managing one or more stores, an online shop or a distribution business, a wide range of knowledge and skills is required. And VapitalyPRO training is able to offer practical, winning answers.


On Sunday 10 November, from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., there will be a workshop entitled Vaping stores: everything you need to know. This training event, held in collaboration with UNIEcig, the Italian e-cig retailers’ union, will be offering indications and practical suggestions to help participants navigate their way around bureaucracy and successfully manage their business.


Antonella Panuzzo, Francesca Torelli and Francesco Spena Barretta will be using their experience to provide indications designed to help participants find their way through the jungle of administrative and bureaucratic formalities, how to manage any staff and the responsibilities of an employer.


A particular focus by the Lawyer Andrea De Mauro Paternò Castello will be looking beyond the regulations governing the sector, and will be dedicated to the rights and responsibilities of store owners and to the full range of after-sales issues: legal warranty covering products, fidelity cards and point collection schemes.


If you’ve already registered for VapitalyPRO, but haven’t yet booked your place on the workshop, doing so is very easy: by opening your registration form, you’ll be able to indicate, at any time, which workshops you intend to take part in.


If you haven’t yet registered for VapitalyPRO, you can request your complimentary entry ticket by clicking here.


If you need any support with registration, contact Vapitaly staff at:


Set for Sunday afternoon is another free training workshop at VapitalyPRO, with the lawyers and professionals of Utopia Legal.