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VAPITALY 2020 VIRTUAL In mid-June the only european event dedicated to Vaping

VAPITALY 2020 VIRTUAL In mid-June the only european event dedicated to Vaping

May 11 2020

Vapitaly is going ahead.

Taking place from 13 to 15 June, Vapitaly 2020 Virtual is the first virtual event dedicated to the world of vaping in Europe. Companies, operators and vaping aficionados have found a new way to meet up, and are ready to take part in this unique international project.

Vapitaly 2020 Virtual is a three-day event entirely dedicated to the vaping world, offering the opportunity to meet the whole vaping community without leaving the house. New market developments, new products, experts and trends will all be just a click away during this innovative, global encounter.

Visiting the event, contacting manufacturers and engaging in discussions with vaping aficionados has never been easier, thanks to this interactive platform that becomes a showcase for the best the industry has to offer. Vapitaly 2020 Virtual is a unique experience for both the main companies on the domestic and international market and for vaping fans and consumers.

“An innovative approach, an ability to rise to challenges and explore new avenues is part of our sector’s DNA”, explains Vapitaly President Mosè Giacomello. “The current health emergency has placed restrictions on travel, but Vapitaly has succeeded in creating a different format for the organisation of the yearly event eagerly awaited by everyone – companies, consumers, operators and influencers – to present new market developments, meet up and exchange ideas and opinions. Vaping operators and the vaping community at large could not miss the event, and Vapitaly 2020 Virtual offers potential new opportunities that absolutely must be grasped”.

Just like the traditional Vapitaly format, Vapitaly 2020 Virtual will also offer a long weekend of events and encounters for the vaping world, with the opportunity for companies to develop their business and sharpen their professional and entrepreneurial skills.

“Once again, we’re one step ahead of the market”, said President Giacomello, “and we’re showing how companies and professionals have taken an innovative approach to tackling difficulties. Thanks to internet, we’re offering the chance to engage with all markets and play a key role in a sector that has become a global community. We’re looking to the future, until we are able to meet up in person, which, depending on the decisions adopted by the authorities, might be possible by autumn”.